World’s Largest Gold Coin to be Auctioned

June 11, 2010 – As June 25, 2010, approaches, there is excitement about the auction of the world’s largest gold coin at the Dorotheum in Vienna. This gold coin, minted in Canada in 2007, is a Canadian Maple Leaf valued at $1,000,000. It weighs a record-breaking one hundred kilos and its diameter spans 53 centimeters. With a listing in the Guinness Book of Records, the obverse of this Canadian gold coin bears the largest portrait of Queen Elizabeth II etched in solid gold. The reverse of the coin has three maple leaves, representing Canada’s national symbol.

What sets this particular gold coin apart from any other in the world is that it is made of the purest gold, which is 999.99/1000 gold, according to the Dorotheum in Vienna. Naturally, this gold coin’s $1 million face value is considered to be on the low side, and the auction itself will be determined by the current day’s going rate for gold. The gold, if melted, would easily be worth over 3.9 million dollars.

The coin, scheduled to be auctioned off on June 25, is currently on loan to the ‘Munzkabinett’ of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The owner of the coin, Austrian investment company AvW, went bankrupt in May. This museum is reputed to have one of the world’s largest coin collections. Dorotheum, the auction house from where the Canadian Maple Leaf will be auctioned, is the foremost auction house in Central Europe, and has been holding prestigious coin auctions over the last two centuries. The rare Canadian gold coin will be auctioned off at a diamond auction, as the gold collectors world watches and wonders — who will buy this one-of-a-kind coin?

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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