Week Ends With Lower Gold Coin Prices

Gold coin prices were down across the board on Friday afternoon, with gold bullion coins and rare gold coins certified by PCGS and NGC suffering losses. The losses on the bullion side of the gold coin market were somewhat less depressing, with one-ounce gold bullion coins averaging a $11 loss while popular certified gold coins lost anywhere from $10 to $35 in value as they played “catch-up” to the gold spot price’s steady losses throughout most of this week.

Analysts expect gold coin prices to perform far better during the rest of May, before laying fat during the months of June and July. August and September are historically excellent months for the gold price’s performance, as the summer ends and investors focus more on their portfolios.

The gold spot price started the day at $1393 and then rose to $1399 before buyers anxious to take advantage of the $1400 mark liquidated positions earlier than expected. Gold then fell as low as $1381 before rebounding slightly. As of 7pm EST the gold spot price was listed by COMEX (a division of the New York Mercantile Exchange) as $1384.30, which represents a 0.58 percent loss for the trading session.

Gold Coin analysts have noted a trend over the last few months that has influenced bullion holders and buyers of ETFs to liquidate those assets in favor of certified gold coins, which are considered by many analysts and investors to be “safer” because of the current threat of another government confiscation of bullion. Individuals interested in seeing a comparison between bullion and rare coins are encouraged to contact GoldCoin/net directly via the “Contact Us”form above, the free report requests below, or by calling us at 800-425-5672.

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