U.S. Mint Numismatic Sales Soar

The U.S. Mint’s most recent weekly sales report shows that interest in numismatic coins is rising, likely due to the growing fear of government bullion confiscation as well as the rising trend of holding gold long-term rather than short-term, according to analyst Peter Parr.

“There were a lot of short-term profit-seekers in the market during the first six or seven years of gold’s current bull market,” Parr said, “but now that gold is showing some volatility many investors are converting assets to collectible gold coins because they can even out wrinkles in the market and act as a long-term portfolio stabilizer.”

The Proof silver Eagle coin was the U.S. Mint’s number one selling numismatic item last week, according to the Mint’s report. Proof gold sets and platinum proof Eagle coins also made the top-10 list. “Proof coins made of gold, silver and platinum are likely to outpace their respective metals’ spot prices over the next few months, as supplies run low and IRA investors scoop the coins up for their retirement accounts,” Parr commented.

IRA investors have been one of the largest demographics of numismatic coin buyers during the last decade. While the IRS allows investors to put a wide variety of gold, silver and platinum products within retirement accounts, only modern-day, U.S.-minted Proof coins, complete with their individual box and certificate, are eligible as private IRA investment vehicles. Investors interested in buying or selling numismatic or bullion gold coins for IRAs or for physical delivery can call our Trading Desk at 1-800-425-5672 for free, live quotes.

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