St. Gaudens Gold Coins

December 1, 2009 – President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned his friend and internationally famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign our nation’s $20 gold coin, Saint-Gaudens did so in grand fashion. Roosevelt wanted our new coinage to resemble the beautiful pieces of ancient Greece, and Saint-Gaudens creation was so magnificent that it prompted Roosevelt to declare that our new $20 gold coin was the most beautiful coin ever produced.

St. Gaudens gold coins feature the image of Lady Liberty bravely striving forward on the obverse, and the reverse of the coin displays the majestic American bald Eagle. Saint-Gaudens passed away before his creation was finalized and put into production, but from 1908 forward investors and collectors worldwide have been privy to holding this magnificent coin.

In 1933, Roosevelt’s cousin Franklin confiscated the gold bullion of US citizens in an attempt to restore faith in the US dollar and pay down national debt. Many St. Gaudens gold coins survived this historic gold confiscation because of their collectability, and today’s investors utilize these same coins for wealth preservation and financial privacy.

These coins were historically able to combat the ill effects of national economic crises, such as the ones that our nation is facing currently. Investors are counting on historic trends to repeat themselves, as they have done since our recession began three years ago.

St. Gaudens gold coins track the gold spot price listed on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), and they have been deemed private and non-confiscatable by Executive Order 6102, Section 2-B.

Learn more about the historic gold confiscation by clicking here, or contact us directly for more information on St. Gaudens gold coins and other sides of the gold coin market. 

Kevin Johnson

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