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December 16, 2009 – Even though our dollar has lost about 12% of its spending power this year due to the rapidly running printing presses and the flood of money that was poured into our economy, it is still quite surprising to see that some certified versions of Saint Gaudens gold coins have gained as much as 88% in the last 365 days. Sure, the financial condition of the United States has crumbled and some economists expect 2010 to be one of the worst years in US history since 1933, which was the heart of the Great Depression, but can a coins increase 88% in value in one year and have any more upside?

There is no way to foretell the future, so we have to look at past cycles to determine the best course of action during tough financial times. Historically, gold and other privately-held commodities have risen in value even though traditional markets have lost considerable worth. The gold spot price’s relentless climb since 2001 has intensified since the beginning of November, when India’s central bank purchased 200 tons of gold from the International Monetary Fund. A slight pullback in gold prices was seen recently, but market analysts like Merrill Lynch’s Walter Murphy have called for gold to rise 12-18% next year.

Some Saint Gaudens gold coins have a track record of outpacing gold bullion three-to-one since 2001, and the increased risk of bullion confiscation by our government has motivated many investors to shift in to certified Saint Gaudens gold coins for privacy and long-term wealth protection.

Whether you are searching for the immediate opportunity to profit or you are interested in a long-term gold investment strategy, feel free to contact or get some helpful gold investment information below. 

Kevin Johnson

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