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After a frenetic legislative year, liberal United States’ lawmakers will be watching anxiously for the fruits of their labors. Although the Congress passed two stimulus packages, a jobs initiative and a soon-to-be completed health care reform, the US economy is still lagging. While the economy sputters, investment is surging, with sales of raw gold coins likely to increase again in 2010.

There are many facets to gold investment; collector’s coins, raw gold coins and bars, precious metal funds, and more are all ways to get into the metals market. Of these methods, investing in bullion, made up of raw gold coins and bars, is the easiest method. Bullion is minted to precise specifications, which allows it to be bought and sold with confidence through dealers such as

Although a great deal of effort and billions of federal dollars have been funneled into the US economy, there has been very little sign of improvement. Weakness of the dollar has historically been a motivator for higher gold prices, and the theory was confirmed again by a 25% gain in 2009 gold prices. The forecast for 2010 is much the same; the weak dollar is expected to push the price of bullion, gold bars and raw gold coins, to record highs once again.

Raw gold coins represent the gold investment that easiest to buy and the most convenient to hold. In times of economic emergency, they retain value and can be used as an alternative currency. With the United States economy still attempting to recover from the global crisis, raw gold coins represent an excellent investment opportunity that is likely to increase in value during 2010. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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