Investing in gold coins is more than a crucial means to protect yourself against the impending end of the age of the dollar.

June 13, 2011 – Investing in gold coins is more than a crucial means to protect yourself against the impending end of the age of the dollar. It is a way for Americans to give our government a resounding vote of no confidence and let it know that the time has come for us to take back control over our lives.

The history of 20th century America is one of a country that had risen to greatness and was now seeking perfection through government – perfect security, perfect opportunity, and perfect equality. In hindsight it sounds perfectly absurd. And in its quest, the government destroyed all three.

While we were wallowing in governmental beneficence we gradually lost the ability – and the right – to think for ourselves. In its quest for utopia, the government substituted rule for responsibility and lost its ability to govern.

Our legal system was founded on British common law and has evolved through court decision to fit our own beliefs and to maintain relevance through changing times. Laws were meant to define society’s expectations and provide remedy for transgressions. The courts were meant to assess each case in the context of the law but also under the “reasonable man” test – what a reasonable person could be expected to do in similar circumstances.

In the 20th century, however, the government attempted to legislate fairness by assuming that everyone was not only capable of evildoing, desirous of it as well. It tried to define every possible action that could conceivably cause harm to someone and then create laws to prevent them from happening. In the process all citizens, regardless of innocence or guilt, are now punished equally, forced to comply with volumes of incomprehensible one-size-fits-all rules.

The cost of maintaining such a massive bureaucracy and the inefficiency it engenders lie at the roots of today’s economic crisis. Recovery efforts have failed because the economy is just a symptom of much larger systemic ailment, a bureaucracy that has collapsed under its own weight.

We cannot vote in a change of the necessary magnitude because our government has abdicated its powers to the same book of rules. All we can do is wait for it all to crumble to dust and with a revived true American spirit begin to rebuild.

Buying gold coins not only shows the government our intentions – it gives us the means to bring back the real America.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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