“Peace of Mind” Gold Coins Trending

The Dallas Morning News ran a story this week about individuals who have purchased gold coins, not strictly for profit, but for safety. The gold spot price was at a relatively low $252 per ounce in 2001 and shot to $1900 per ounce by 2011. Since that time the U.S. government’s quantitative easing measures and big bank manipulation of the gold price through large-scale buying, selling, longing and shorting has forced the price of gold to today’s spot price of $1311.

The gold spot price does appear to be on the rise, as it fell below $1200 per ounce recently before embarking on its latest climb. The current group of gold buyers, however, appears to be cut from a slightly different jib than that which dominated the gold coin market a few years ago. Today’s buyers are targeting PCGS and NGC certified gold coins far more frequently than in years past. Gold bullion coins like American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs are still popular and the mints which produce those coins have had no problem moving them from their depositories and into the hands of consumers, but the graded gold coin market is on fire. Why?

Certified gold coins, like the ever-popular Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin, can be useful as a profit-making vehicle. If gold prices are rising then certified gold coins are probably growing in value as well, at least the common-dated and widely-traded ones. The same could be said of gold bullion coins, but gold coins that have been graded by PCGS or NGC go one step further. Not only do they carry the value of their inherent gold content but they have a numismatic value that could provide the owner of such a coin with expanded profit potential and a non-confoscatable type of gold coin, should the U.S. government attempt to seize gold bullion from the public’s hands. For a full description of the 1933 gold confiscation and to understand how you can protect yourself in such a scenario visit today or call 800-425-5672 for a free gold coin investing guide.

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