NGC Gold Coin Milestone Confirmed

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) was recently recognized for becoming the first coin certifying company to grade and encapsulate 30 million units. NGC was not the first gold coin grader, though its penchant for using top-level numismatists who insist on upholding the highest standards has helped the Sarasota, Florida-based organization to catapult to the top of the third-party coin certification food chain. NGC’s competitors like ANA and PCGS are virtually neck-and-neck with NGC in terms of gold coins certified, but why has demand for NGC and PCGS gold been on such an upswing?

Pre-1933 certified gold coins have long been known as the premier wealth preservation vehicle because of their inherent gold content, their numismatic value and because of the fact there is historical U.S. legal precedent to exempt such coins from a government-mandated gold confiscation. Ruthless marketers are now having brand new gold coins certified because they know “green” investors will hear the terms “MS69” or “MS70” and jump at the chance to buy what they think is a rare, collectible and non-confiscatable gold coin at a steal of a price. Unfortunately, the benefits that come with pre-1933 NGC gold coins may not apply to modern-day NGC-certified coins, and an MS69 or MS70 gold coin that was minted in the United States would be in the Smithsonian, not on eBay or at the local pawn shop.

“Certified gold coins aren’t for everyone,” says  spokesman Keith Kelly, “but if your estimated holding time is a few years or more and you’d like to protect yourself from any future government gold confiscation then diversification into the certified gold coin and/or silver coin market might be prudent, depending on the investor’s personal worldview and circumstances.’ She also added that “coins minted in the last 30 years are not truly rare coins because they are newly minted. You can get them certified but when you go to sell those modern-day NGC gold coins you might be disappointed with the price.”

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