New Gold and Silver Coins Unveiled at Royal Canadian Mint

August 15, 2012 – At the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Money Fair held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled two new bullion coins. The coins include a 99.999 percent pure gold bullion coin as well as the next in a series of popular Wildlife 99.99 percent pure silver bullion coins.

Ian Bennet, the President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint has stated the Mint understands that best-in-class quality, purity, and innovation are essential in sustaining demand for the gold and silver bullion products. The President and CEO added the Mint is pleased to present worldwide exclusive new gold and silver bullion coins that continue to meet those high expectations.

The gold bullion coin has been issued to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint’s 100-kilo gold coin, which was minted with a $1 million face value. The million-dollar coin has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest gold coin, though the record was later broken with a 1 ton gold coin struck by the Perth Mint of Australia.

The new, 2012-dated one ounce gold coin, unveiled by the Royal Canadian Mint in Philadelphia, features the same design by Senior Mint Engraver Stan Witten that was featured on the original million dollar gold coin and includes a beautiful display of multiple maple leaves along with a series of strong angles along the edge and an engraved network of intersecting lines in the background. The one-ounce coin will be produced to demand.

The silver bullion coin is being issued as the next in a six-coin Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin series. The installment in the series features a Pronghorn Antelope, a traditional Canadian wildlife image, designed by Canadian artist and coin designer Emily S. Damstra. The coin features a 2013 mint-date and is a 99.99 percent pure one-ounce silver coin that will be produced by the Mint to a maximum of one million coins.

Previous designs in the popular Wildlife series have featured the Timber Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Cougar, and the Moose. There is one final design in the series that will be unveiled in early 2013.

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