As desperation grows in the investment world serenity can still be found in gold coin investment.

October 31, 2011 – As desperation grows in the investment world serenity can still be found in gold coin investment. Serenity is not the absence of turmoil, but the ability to find peace amidst the turmoil. For the investor, that means a store for wealth that is isolated from the desperate measures being taken to keep a failed monetary system alive.

This past weekend Japan sought to temper the inflationary pressure of the yen rising to its highest level against the dollar since the end of WWII by devaluing its currency. The yen fell, the dollar rose, and gold took a dive. But there was no corresponding transfer of wealth. The price of gold coins may have fallen, but not their worth.

That’s the root problem of the never ending money games. Without actual transfer of wealth only short-term artificial imbalances can be created, and those are soon offset by retaliatory measures. That their dollars can buy more yen today than they could last week means nothing to American consumers. They care only that their dollars can buy fewer groceries today than they could a year ago.

Investors likewise care only about what their investments will be able to buy when the time comes to rely on them for their livelihood. And they are growing more concerned every day as market volatility threatens to tear down all that they have spent their lives building.

It is crucial to our sanity to stay focused on the long term. Today’s wild gyrations in equities and currencies are one in the same phenomenon, a clear symptom of a monetary system in rapid decline. Growth and stability are out of the question while money and wealth are treated as separate and unrelated entities.

Still, the powers that be owe their power to fiat money and they won’t give that up without a fight. It is a losing battle, but they will struggle to the bitter end, taking down anyone and everyone who stands in their way. When the day finally comes that defeat is inevitable, they will move en masse to shelter all they have stolen in gold.

It behooves all of us to beat big money to the punch. Those who invest in gold coins today will not only find peace of mind as uncertainty mounts, they will come out winners in the greatest redistribution of wealth mankind has ever witnessed.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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