Minnesota Attorney General Alleges St. Paul Coin Dealer Took Money and Failed to Deliver

The Minnesota attorney general has filed a suit against a St. Paul coin dealer alleging she charged people tens of thousands of dollars for gold and silver coins which were never delivered to them.

The complaints state Tiffany Grady, 47, took more than $300,000 from people without sending promised coins, doing business as The Stella Group and under her own name. At least six of these people filed reports with St. Paul police and 13 people with the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. Some filed with both agencies.

The lawsuit filed by the attorney general on Friday, November 2, in Ramsey County District Court, alleges she violated state laws against consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices.

The complaint alleges that Grady successfully obtained customers’ trust by completing a series of smaller transactions after contacting customers by telephone, though her customers did not know how Grady obtained their telephone number.

Marilyn Brion, 82, had an experience with Grady that the lawsuit describes as typical. Brion said Grady was very personable on the phone and good talker without being pushy. Brion sent Grady money and received coins, but a few orders were slow and Brio was getting irritated. She called and complained to Grady, who once included an extra coin because she had waited a few months for delivery.

However, in May Brion sent Grady $12,000 to buy 10 American Eagle Gold Coins, but was hospitalized soon after. Upon returning home, Brion requested delivery only to be told the coins had shipped. She received no documentation and the coins never arrived. Grady stopped answering Brion’s calls and emails.

After complaints, the Better Business Bureau revoked Grady’s accreditation, posting an F rating for the business on its website.

Similar complaints arose from customers elsewhere in the country. A 63-year-old Texas man said Grady called him in June and July saying she had a particularly good deal on gold coins. The man wired her $62,500 and called her when his coins didn’t arrive. She assured him the coins would arrive soon, but they never did.

A 69-year-old Cody, Wyoming, man agreed with business partners to buy 40 1-ounce Platinum American Eagle Coins from Grady for $52,000 in June. They wired the money and never got the coins.

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