Lady Liberty Gold Coins

A staple of American money for nearly 70 years, the American Liberty coins were the predecessors to the American Eagles coins that are used today. Beautifully designed, there were four sizes, starting with the $2 ½ Liberty, the $5 Liberty, the $10 Liberty and the $20 Liberty. Learning how to buy and sell Lady Liberty gold coins can provide a solid gold investment that has the potential for excellent returns.

Replaced by the Saint Gaudens American Eagle, Lady Liberty gold coins were minted from 1838 until 1907. These coins became collector’s coins after their removal from circulation. This change has led to their availability for investment today, as the 1933 confiscation of gold by the US government did not include collector’s coins. This exclusion has made Lady Liberty gold coins available to investors today.

The key to both buying and selling Lady Liberty gold coins is only purchasing certified coins. These are coins that have been professionally inspected and assigned a rating based on the Sheldon Scale, a 0 to 70 system that helps to eliminate the confusion over the quality and value of a coin. This rating makes it possible for buyers and sellers to better agree on the value of Lady Liberty gold coins and other rare coins.

While investors can locate Lady Liberty gold coins on their own, it is more efficient to use an exchange such as Exchanges have greater access to rare pieces like the Lady Liberty gold coins and other high quality, hard to find coins. With an outstanding reputation and broad base of buyers and sellers as clients, this is an excellent resource for anyone seeking rare coins.

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