IRA Gold Coins See Renewed Interest

A number of gold dealers around the nation have reported that a larger number of investors are expressing interest in IRA gold coins such as the American Eagle Proof gold coin and its bullion counterpart, this in response to the growing threat of another recession or depression. Other gold coin investors have said that they are buying gold for their retirement accounts in response to what they call “an inevitable world war caused by extremely irresponsible U.S. monetary policies” such as quantitative easing and low interest rates.

“U.S. investors are very concerned that the government could be forced to confiscate their retirement accounts to pay government debt down and fund programs like Social Security,” said analyst Max Causewell. “Our clients have seen similar things happen in places like Argentina and Greece, and many Americans these days just don’t trust our lawmakers’ intentions.”

The IRS first started permitting storage of gold coins for retirement accounts in 2007, and each year gold investors scramble to scoop up the U.S. Mint’s limited supply of Proof gold American Eagle coins. Only 35,000 of the one-ounce coins will be produced in 2014, and some dealers have begun tacking on huge premiums because of the short supply. “The American Eagle gold bullion coin is very popular among speculators, but safety-minded investors really seem to enjoy the special ‘private’ classification of the Proof Eagles,” Causewell commented.

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