Wall Street’s campaign to discredit gold coin investments is faltering as their web of deceit slowly unravels.

October 17, 2011 – Wall Street’s campaign to discredit gold coin investments is faltering as their web of deceit slowly unravels. That the public is becoming ever more vocal in its outrage is not surprising. Neither is the reaction.

Tackling the protests straight on just won’t work, and the status quo knows it. But they also know how to derail any effort to expose the truth and hold them accountable: turn the people against each other.

How else can you explain those who have been hurt the worst rising in defense of Wall Street? Sadly, it has become far too easy to turn things around in the minds of Americans. We have forgotten how to solve our own problems and are now concerned only with casting blame. The good news is that more and more of us are finding it impossible to keep buying into the lies.

If that weren’t the case we could buy gold eagle coins for a grand apiece today. But gold is the vanguard of the free market, and the free market is fed up with the Fed’s shenanigans.

The minutes of September’s OMC meeting leave no doubt that QE3 will eventually fire up the presses one more time. Bernanke is just waiting for things to get bad enough to make it palatable. It won’t work. It can’t work. And the world will respond swiftly and decisively.

If the Fed stays true to form – doing absolutely the wrong thing at the worst possible time – we could see QE3 coinciding with the opening of the Pacific Asian Gold Exchange, where trade will be in renminbi and only physical gold will be traded. A new global monetary system may be a lot closer than anyone imagines.

Still, the endless diatribe in support of our failed system will only grow more intense. Like an American tourist trying to be understood in a foreign country, the status quo will keep repeating the same things, only louder.

We need to filter out the noise so we can concentrate on survival under a government hell-bent on self-destruction. The free market is the overarching reality and it will soon emerge triumphant over the greatest scam of all times. We need to stay keenly focused on that.

Gold is showing us the way and we need only to follow. We have the choice to ensure our future in the new free market with gold coin investments.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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