Still hesitant about investing in gold coins?

September 07, 2011 – Still hesitant about investing in gold coins? Then here’s a little quiz.

Suppose you have taken the family on a vacation in your new motor home. Your first stop is a park next to an old fort, where the tour takes you through a massive underground bunker. Around dinner time you are startled by tornado sirens, but for a time you ignore them. Then, when you go outside to check you see a mile-wide tornado bearing down on you.

You have just enough time to gather your family and head for one of four places: 1) back inside your RV, 2) a massive but open pavilion, 3) your neighbor’s old Coleman pop-up trailer, or 4) the bunker. Where do you go?

That’s not a foolish question, because in investment terms only a few choose the bunker. Say your RV is the franc, your neighbor’s Coleman is the dollar, the pavilion is debt equity, and the bunker is, of course, gold.

The manufacturer of your motor home had just put you on notice that it is not be considered safe shelter. The pavilion, while still somewhat crowded, is obviously too vulnerable. That leaves the dilapidated Coleman and the bunker.

You remember the times when you went camping with your parents in a Coleman much like your neighbor’s, and you weathered several storms all snug and comfy inside. Since you have never experienced a tornado, you decide to go there.

And so it is now that the Swiss have told the world that the franc will not be allowed to rise due to speculative demand. But rather than rushing out to buy gold coins, investors who had sought safety in the currency are ignoring the klaxons and are cashing in their gold for dollars.

The storm brewing now, however, is unlike anything today’s Americans have ever experienced. Only the sturdiest shelter will protect their wealth, and there simply is no safe haven in currency, stocks, debt equity, or even commodities – except for gold.

It’s a no-brainer. Don’t go for the green, go for the gold. Keep buying gold coins, and I’ll see you in the bunker.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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