Indian Head Gold Coins

Indian Head Gold Coins

With a year of hard work and difficult decisions, the new democratically controlled government in the United States has energized businesses and increased investing by many people. This newfound optimism is reflected in the gold market, where rare coin investing continues to expand. With a limited quantity and a unique method of creation, the Indian Head gold coins have become a special addition to the collections of fortunate investors.

President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned the services of Augustus Saint Gaudens, designer of the American Eagle coins, to redesign other American coinage. While his untimely death prevented him from completing his task, a sketch he created was eventually used for the Indian Head gold coin. In an interesting change, the coin was minted utilizing an incused process, where the design of the coin was etched into the face, eliminating the relief that other coins possessed.

The Indian Head gold coin has two reasons that it is a valued rare coin. First, the design that was used did not include a protective rim around the coin, meaning that circulated coins have not maintained high quality. Second, the coins were minted until 1929, only four years before President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the confiscation of privately held gold.

These two factors have made the Indian Head gold coin a rare coin and a valuable asset to own. As the US begins its climb back to prosperity, many people are once again investing in gold and other commodities. This demand, coupled with the rare nature of the Indian Head gold coin, is likely to drive up the value of a unique piece of American monetary art. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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