Holiday Shopping Season Stunts Gold Coin Sales

All emerging reports show that gold coin dealers’ attempts to attract investors during the holiday shopping season have been unsuccessful so far, and analysts have come up with a myriad of reasons as to why gold brokers have been unable to lure in buyers. Gift-giving is one of the most commonly quotes reasons, meaning that otherwise complicit investors are currently focusing their spending on gifts instead of investments.

Another oft-cited reason for the mediocre gold coin sales last week blames the economy in general, saying that many individuals who would otherwise be gold investors are skeptical of the volatile nature of our economy. A third, similar theory states that gold sales are slow because other, more mainstream investments have outperformed gold lately. Indeed, U.S. stocks markets are up substantially and even bonds have outperformed gold, down 26% since today’s date last year.

Gold coin market analysts caution investors to be wary of well-performing investments that are based on the dollar, such as bonds and stocks. These analysts believe that rising interest rates will eventually sap the equity that has been gained in stocks over the last 2 years. This would kill job creation, halt the rise of the dollar index and give gold an opportunity to move inversely to the falling dollar. Analysts disagree on exactly when this trend reversal could happen, but reputable gold dealers have said that gold will most likely trade in the $1200-$1500 range over the next 12 months. You can get regular gold coin price updates at and you can also take advantage of our free gold coin investing guides below to increase your knowledge of the gold coin investing market.

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