Rely on gold coin investments and you won’t be disappointed when government entitlements dry up.

February 18, 2011 – Rely on gold coin investments and you won’t be disappointed when government entitlements dry up.

Somehow over the last century we allowed our government to take over our lives to the extent that self-reliance has become a forgotten trait. We expect Big Brother to guarantee our happiness, not just the liberty to pursue it. In the process we have given away our true liberty – the right to experience life on life’s terms.

Our founding father’s would be appalled at what we have done to the greatest government ever conceived. It is sticking its nose into every corner of American life – propping up obsolete industries, subsidizing corporate farms at the expense of the family farm, handing over trillions of dollars to the fat cats on Wall Street to reward their failure, encouraging sloth, and countless other nasty little things. That’s a far cry from the vision of government as solely the protector of the people.

Despite all of the government’s meddling things have gotten only worse. It has turned our country into a land of rogue predators without any regard for our neighbors’ well being. As states struggle to stay afloat, they are besieged by hordes of their own employees irate over losing some of the obscenely inflated benefits that they never earned. Just as unions brought down Detroit, so will those wreak havoc on cities and towns across the nation.

Gratefully it cannot go on much longer. The money just isn’t there. Period. The Social Security Ponzi scheme is all but busted. Millions of unemployed people will be forced to readjust their sights to what is reasonable and fair compensation. And eventually the government will have no recourse but to kick Americans off its gravy train.

Many are going to be hurting when that time comes, but those who have prepared with gold coin investments will do just fine.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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