The current trend in gold coin prices is unmistakable.

November 03, 2011 – The current trend in gold coin prices is unmistakable. Meanwhile, as Europe dances the ballos Wall Street twirls madly, oddly out of step. It is the dance of courtship with fiat money that must come to an end with capture and surrender.

Still we refuse to stand up to fate. We look for answers where none are to be found. We accede to Wall Street propaganda promising riches from ruin. We cling to blind faith in the benevolence of our government as it strips away the last remnants of our wealth.

The plain bitter truth is that the empire is falling, as all empires must. Those who dare to proclaim that truth are branded as traitors while those who are tearing apart this once great country are lauded as heroes. It is time to turn the tables.

Our forefathers envisioned a great and prosperous America built on a solid foundation of gold. A land where the government would have only the powers they enumerated in the Constitution and where the markets would be free to create lasting wealth for the nation. They were bold and extraordinary men leading a bold and extraordinary people to greatness.

But governments are insidious seekers of power. To achieve their goals they always find a way to subvert their mandate, even one so carefully crafted as our Constitution. And they begin by usurping control over the nation’s money.

When America’s currency was gold and silver coins we fulfilled – and exceeded – our forefathers’ vision. But it was only a matter of time before the government would find the loophole they were so fervently seeking. The only remaining problem was to make us swallow a bitter pill with a smile on our faces.

Keynesian economic theory gave them the solution: hardship and war. Both stir up the most primal emotions and expose our vulnerability. Without blinking an eye we handed over control of our wealth to the Fed, grateful for the government largesse bestowed upon us. Overnight the American dream slipped through our fingers.

From the moment we first allowed paper money the final script was written. No fiat currency has ever survived for long, the average is only 40 years. Our clock started ticking in 1971 when with the stroke of a pen Nixon severed the final link between the dollar and gold.

Do the math. The dollar is not special. It has had its day and now it is over.

As the dollar takes its place in history alongside every other failed fiat currency gold coins will rush in to fill the void.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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