Hang tight to your gold coins because Wall Street is coming.

February 02, 2011 – Hang tight to your gold coins because Wall Street is coming, says Jordan Roy-Byrne in Resource Investor.

Roy-Byrne, a well-credentialed market analyst, sees the stock market peaking in Q2 of 2011 then sliding into a cyclical bear market for several years. That is the template for a secular bear market – one that is predominantly bear with smaller bull cycles – such as was seen three times in the 1900s. Since 2008 the stock market has shown all of the distinctive characteristics of a secular bear market that is being sustained by our government’s fiscal policy.

There is no way the economy can outgrow the increased cost of our debt, not to mention the cost of bailing out defaulted states. That leaves ever greater monetization as the only course of action for a government bent on keeping up appearances, even though the ultimate outcome is certain to be default and hyperinflation.

The bond market is already in trouble and the real estate market is completely tanked with no recovery in sight. We could “see stocks and bonds in a bear market simultaneously for the first time since the late 1970s . . . as early as Q2 of this year,” Roy-Byrne says. “Gold performs its absolute best when the other asset classes underperform” and a prolonged bear stock market would leave investors with no other place to turn but gold.

Gold is a vastly under-held asset, representing a mere 1% of global interest. That leaves plenty of room for expansion so “we are years away from a true bubble.” But the next two years might well be the beginning of a major upsurge in gold rivaling that of the technology sector in 1994.

When gold goes mainstream you’ll be glad you had the foresight to invest in gold coins at today’s bargain prices.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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