Gold Eagle Proof

December 2, 2009 – The Gold eagle proof coin is very unique, in size and in its range of utilization. The US Mint began producing the American gold Eagle proof coin in 1986, and this special version of the modern-day Gold Eagle bullion coin has provided a lot of good for investors within the United States and abroad.

The gold Eagle Proof encompasses the same design as the regular bullion gold Eagle, but the coin has been struck by the dye numerous times. The result is a detailed coin with images that could not feasibly be any clearer. These coins cost a great deal more to produce than the regular bullion Eagles, and the US Mint only produced the Proof coin in limited numbers since 1986. The US Mint recently announced on its website ( that the gold Eagle proof would be discontinued until further notice, so the coins that are presently on the market have been dramatically increasing in value.

Investors can purchase gold Eagle Proofs and take delivery of those coins, but reputable gold exchanges generally try to reserve this particular coinage for investors with troubled retirement accounts. While physical possession investors can purchase a wide range of collectible coins that are completely private, IRA investors are only allowed to utilize one government non-confiscatable coin – the Gold Eagle Proof. This coin has been significantly more profitable than its bullion counterpart over the last eight years as well as completely private, so contact us directly if you are ready to supplement your IRA or non-IRA portfolio with gold Eagles and other physical gold investments. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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