Gold Coins the Best Way To Save Wealth

Gold coins were considered anachronistic in American finance even so recently as ten years ago. Things, however, have changed, particularly with the risks we are seeing in various economies around the world, particularly in Europe. The debt situation is such that the Greek government’s official projections place the country’s debt at 120 percent of Gross Domestic Product by the year 2020.

That means that the entire country’s income will almost cover its debts. They only need another 20 percent. This is incredibly dire and speaks volumes about our system as it is and where it might be going. The best way to hedge personal risk in this environment is with gold coins.

But there are additional incentives that should spur most Americans to invest in gold coins. Gold is historically the best store of wealth our Western civilization has ever known. Since ancient Rome we have relied on gold to store wealth and to transfer it with good reason.

It’s simply the best wealth vehicle we have. Today, when taxes are literally egregious considering the government still can’t spend within its means, gold coins offer the opportunity to store, accumulate, and transfer wealth tax free. If Warren Buffett had $50 million dollars worth of gold in a vault, he would only need to give his son the combination and declare it to transfer it.

No papers, no taxes, no government involvement, and no problems. This makes gold one of the best investment vehicles for those who have vast amounts of wealth and need to do serious protection against taxes. Tax havens are traditionally thought of in two forms. One is location. We know that the hoarding of cash in offshore accounts is a corporate and personal activity, which is conducted in order to save some hard-earned wealth from the tax man. Whether it’s right or wrong is beyond our concern here.

But there is also a tax haven in the form of the wealth. The gold can’t be taxed as it sits in account. It’s not flowing in and out regularly, so you’re not paying taxes through that, and most states have no tax on the buying and selling of gold whatsoever.

Gold coins are the most tax-efficient method of gathering wealth.

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