Gold Coin Sales

February 23, 2010 – While some people have forecast a looming asset bubble for gold, many of the biggest investors in the world continue to buy gold coins and bars as the metal refutes the bubble notion and continues to be a strong investment option. Not only have investors stayed deeply positioned in gold, central banks of a number of countries are also looking to make additional purchases, using gold as a hedge for the inflationary pressures that many see on the horizon.

While hedge fund operator George Soros spoke of an asset bubble in gold, he is still taking a very bullish stance on the metal. At the end of 2009, his company nearly tripled its gold holdings, suggesting a confidence in the metal and its future prices.

“There has been some ill-informed comments that this move tarnished the notion that governments are adding to reserves.” said George Milling-Stanley, managing director for government affairs of the World Gold Council. “There are a lot of central banks out there that are buying.” In addition to central banks, John Paulson, Paul Tudor Jones and David Einhorn, all famed investors, have recently advocated owning some of the metal for a variety of reasons, including utilizing its traditional inflation-hedging abilities to benefit investors in the near future.

With central banks looking for diversification out of currency holdings and large investors moving into the metal, gold coin sales appear to be successfully resisting the asset bubble notion. This trend makes gold a strong investment possibility for investors going forward in 2010. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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