Gold Coin Prices up Slightly on Jobs Report

Thanks to a worse-than-expected U.S. jobs report both gold bullion coins and many certified gold coins were worth $12-$20 more Thursday morning. While neither NGC or PCGS have officially changed their price lists a brief survey of dealers around the nation found that three of the most popular certified gold coins were selling for more today, including the MS61 Lady Liberty $20 gold coin ($15), the MS63 Saint Gaudens $20 gold coin ($20) and the MS62 $10 Indian gold coin ($15).

Gold bullion coinage was not to be left out of the mix as gold Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins and South African Krugerrand gold coins were all up by about $12 per ounce as of 10am New York time. Analysts pegged the cause of higher gold coin prices as being the latest jobs report from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The D of L’s report said that first-time unemployment benefits claims rose by more than 8,000 last week to a total of over 330,000 new claims. The Obama administration has tried to get weekly claims below 300,000 but as of right now the 4-week running average is approximately 336,000, well above the White House’s goal.

Investors and gold coin dealers expect to see new numbers on both the NGC and PCGS gold coin price guides in the near future but with the gold price fluctuating so rapidly it could be a week or more before investment-grade gold coins receive new national average retail prices on graders’ web sites. For up-to-the-minute gold coin price quotes call directly and don’t forget to check out our 4 new 2014 gold and silver coin investing guides, available below.

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