Gold Coin Prices Slide on Profit-Taking

Gold coin dealers and investors watched profit-takers reduce about 50% of the gains made yesterday after Tuesday’s trading session opened with a handful of institutional investors liquidating gold for cash. While the exact change in value of each gold coin varied based on the time of day and the coin in question the majority of one-ounce gold coins had fallen $10-$13 by 12pm EST.

“Household investors should be used to this by now,” said analyst Mark Stern. “Anytime the gold spot price runs up too quickly you can bet on investment banks selling at least a portion of their holdings to create profits, dividends and room for other investments.”

Stern recommends that investors who want to take the same approach as the banks buy gold bullion coins. “Bullion coins like Maples and Krugerrands are a great way to invest in physical gold and once you overcome the 3-5% spread you can sell at anytime if you’re interested in the chance to turn a fast profit.”

More conservative investors, however, may prefer a different approach. “People like my parents don’t buy gold bullion because they would end up tearing their hair out by watching gold spot price fluctuation day-in, day-out,” Stern said. “For a longer-term gold coin investment many people prefer pre-1933 gold coins, like Double Eagles, Liberty gold coins and Indian Head gold coins. These coins tend to be less volatile than gold bullion and ‘investment-grade’ coins are a popular way to buy private gold without becoming a coin collector.”

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