Gold Coin Prices Fluctuate Wildly After Long Weekend

Prices for gold bullion coins as well as rare gold coins fell on Tuesday morning as U.S. investors caught up with the rest of the trading world after Memorial Day by selling heavily. At 4pm EST the gold spot price had fallen $5.80 to $1381.40, with more departures from the market expected by a slew of analysts.

Gold bullion coins track the gold spot price almost exactly because their worth is limited to their gold content. Coins like South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics and American Eagles all fell by approximately $7 per ounce during Tuesday morning’s trading session.

Rare gold coins, like the ones found with NGC and PCGS certification, move with the gold price trend but often remain flat or move in the opposite direction of the gold spot price during day-to-day trading. In today’s case, however, rare gold coins moved down with gold. The numismatic value of investment-grade coins seemed to hold but the loss of value of the gold itself pushed the most common investment-grade certified coins down $10-$18 each, with more losses expected during Tuesday afternoon as household traders liquidated positions. However, analysts expect the gold spot price, gold bullion coins and rare gold coins that have been certified as Mint State to increase by 1-3 percent this week due to both household and institutional buying.

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