Invest in Gold Coins, Leading Consultants

A survey out this morning shows Thomson Reuters GFMS, a leading precious metals consulting firm, projects a prime time to invest in gold coins as the price looks to gain even more. Several agencies and institutions have placed the price of gold higher than even the all-time nominal high of $1,923 achieved on September 6, 2011.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Credit Suisse have all released either internal reports or clientele letters that place the price of gold higher overall for the year 2012 and gaining though 2013. The more daring of these projections puts the price of gold at over $2,000 in 2012, but even the most conservative reports show the price of gold higher than it currently is.

Today’s release of the survey from Thomson Reuters GFMS places the price of gold higher in 2012 significantly and poised to make further gains in 2013. GFMS is seeing gold trading between $1,530 and $1,920 in 2012, a significant gain on the high side from current prices.

The survey also sees record volume of investments in gold and a diversification of gold investments. There is significant demand for gold in bar and coin form, particularly for the individual investor and investors hedging personal risk.

With so many institutions seeing such a significant increase in the value of gold coins, it is really a question as to why investors would not be in the market now. Gold has become a staple investment instrument and is considered a protection against the volatility of the market as well as a stabilization mechanism. Gold is truly a solid foundation in today’s financial market.

For the individual investor and working American building a portfolio for retirement, gold is the ideal instrument. It protects and stabilizes your personal assets against loss in multiple markets, including the job market, and it is also projected to accumulate great value, as today’s survey conveys.

Even modest investment projections place gold much closer to $2,000 per troy ounce before the year-end, which is a significant 5.5 percent increase over current prices. There are few investments or financial instruments in the market that can make that kind of projection and offer the stability and inherent value of gold. Gold is, in many ways, an ideal investment and now may be a very good time to invest in gold coins.

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