Gold Coin Investment Grows More Popular Even As Prices Fall

Recent data has shown that the number of Americans choosing to invest in gold coins is growing – and the average amount that each investor is placing in such assets is growing – despite the fact that the gold spot price is down 1.25 percent for the day, 3.18 percent in the last 30 days and 9.52 percent in the last 365 trading days.

The average gold bullion coin trades at 3 percent above the gold spot price – $1476 based on today’s spot value of $1433 – and household investors are buying as many gold bullion coins as they can afford. The U.S. Mint is on pace to meet or exceed annual sales records for a number of its gold coins, and the Royal Canadian Mint recently announced plans to expand its numismatic gold coin program after setting all-time records in that department last year.

According to Gold Coin analysts, much of the gold price decline can be blamed on derivatives markets losing the trust of institutional investors and large-scale money managers. These profit-driven organizations make decisions based on technical patterns and do not think about the safety that gold and silver afford when making trading decisions. For this reason, outflows in ETFs and futures markets have been common, and since such markets bear far more money than that of the physical gold coin market, prices have fallen short-term. Stay up-to-date with gold coin prices, tends and special discounts by checking the Gold Coin Daily Market Update on a regular basis.

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