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February 16, 2010 – For people seeking profit making opportunities, gold coin investing is wise during this current Greek crisis. As VM Group analyst Matthew Turner stated, "You would hope gold would be doing well, given all the problems in Greece, with government debts and so on.” With gold investment typically driven by greed and fear, this situation demonstrates its power during economic difficulties.

Turner went on to explain, "The Greece crisis has been a bit overblown, but it is still causing nervousness among investors. The solution to all these debt problems seems to be either devaluation or inflation, both of which are gold supportive." The basis of his argument appears to be validated, as gold coin prices continue to soar in the face of consumers losing confidence in the euro.

This lack of confidence and faltering euro has coincided perfectly with the correction of gold prices. After peaking in early December, gold has corrected and has shown that it is ready to resume its previous climb. Much like what happened for the US dollar, the euro is giving gold the push it needs to get started.

For many investors, now is an excellent time to add gold coins to their portfolios. In spite of holidays in China and the United States, gold has raced over $1,100 per ounce and today stands at $1,117.70, up over $17 on Tuesday’s trading. Many analysts have been suggesting that fundamentals suggest gold is ready for a rise, and investors should consider getting in now to be ready should the Greek crisis help to start it climbing. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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