Gold Bullion Coins, Certified Gold Coins Move In Opposite Directions

The gold spot price plummeted $30 at the sound of the opening bell to start trading Friday morning, but various gold coin investments have increased in value today in a move that has shocked many gold coin market analysts.

Gold bullion coins moved down with the gold spot price this morning. Coins such as the American Eagle gold bullion coin, gold Maple Leaf coins, South African Krugerrands and Austrian Philharmonics were all 1.5 percent less expensive today due to gold’s unexpected decline. It is typical for gold bullion coins to lose value with the gold spot price because such coins carry no value other than that afforded to them by the underlying precious metal content of the coins themselves.

Coins that actually gained value despite the spot price reduction include grades MS62-MS64 of the Saint Gaudens gold coins and grades MS61-MS65 of the Liberty Head Double Eagle gold coins. These coins were each priced $5-$15 higher than yesterday due to heavy buying. Prices were pulled from the official price guide of the Professional Coin Grading Service ( Additionally, the Proof version of the American Eagle gold coin remained flat, neither rising nor falling, due to a combination of heavy gold IRA buying and a lower gold spot price.

Although it is not common for certain gold coins to grow in value while the gold spot price is trending down, such occurrences are not unheard of in the gold market. Visit the Gold Coin Daily Market Update on Monday for projections on next week’s gold coin market.

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