Gold and Silver Coins

Gold and Silver Coins

Rare collector’s coins continue to be highly valuable investments, with both gold and silver coins bringing incredible sums on the market. Although the 1933 American Eagle has long been recognized as the most valuable coin, this gold coin is not alone as other gold and silver coins are sold and profit from international interest in rare coins.

There are only 12 known 1933 gold American Eagle in the world; the last privately held coin sold in 1999 for a record $7.59 million. Several others have joined this coin in bringing incredible prices, most notably an 1804 Silver Dollar which sold for $4.14 million and a recently sold 1913 Liberty Head nickel that brought $3.7 million. These coins earn such amazing prices because of their incredible rarity and spectacular condition.

Numismatists and investors seek rare coins like these because they possess traits that are nearly impossible to find. Each of the coins above is highly rated by either NGS or PCGS, and they are among known quantities of a dozen or less. This combination of rarity and quality puts them in high demand and drives their prices to astronomical levels.

Collectors and investors who are not prepared to pay millions can still find very attractive coins to buy. The best way to purchase gold and silver coins is to work with a reputable coin exchange. A good exchange will offer high quality service and sell coins that are certified to ensure their value. is part of the Certified Gold Exchange and is recognized by the Better Business Bureau as a zero-complaint company, ensuring quality products and excellent service. 

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