The time has come when there is little else to do but invest in gold coins.

October 21, 2011 – The time has come when there is little else to do but invest in gold coins. Even the New York Times has to admit that “the United States has a confidence problem: a nation long defined by irrational exuberance has turned gloomy about tomorrow.”

Finally. Is the Times right in assuming that we have at last come to see that “incomes have declined, many people cannot find jobs, [and] few trust the government to make things better”? Or is something else at play?

Believe it or not, according to the Time’s article, “a growing number of economists … argue that the collapse of housing prices, a defining feature of this downturn, is also a critical and underappreciated impediment to recovery.” Duh. It seems that dumb old us actually noticed when our wealth got swept away underneath out feet.

Their next revelation is nothing less than a Tom Madden statement of the obvious: “They lack money, and they lack the confidence that they will have more money tomorrow.”

How could that possibly be? Could it be the 46 million Americans on food stamps? Maybe the 100 million who have forgotten what it was like to get a raise in pay. Or maybe the 25 million who haven’t found meaningful work or the 20 million who can’t find any work. Or the one in five who owes more for their home than it is worth.

The reality is that expectations for economic growth have fallen to the lowest level since May 1980. And that reality frees us to take a proper course of action.

The average American may not understand the nuances of macroeconomics, but we do know when we are being dealt from the bottom of the deck. And we know when we are being made pawns in a game in which we hold no hope of sharing in the victory.

Call it doom and gloom. Call it paranoid delusion. Call it what you may. But America is hurting. We are being drawn into a conflict amongst ourselves for the sole purpose of distracting us from the real problems at hand.

The gloom is real. The fears are real. And the threat is real. I can’t say for certain that any future will come to pass, but I can say for certain that an investment in gold coins will make that future better.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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