Double Eagle Gold Coins

Double Eagle Gold Coins

In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt moved American numismatics toward a dream that he had to redesign American coins. Roosevelt was equally impressed with the designs of many ancient coins and the work of designer Augustus Saint Gaudens. Although Saint Gaudens was unable to complete the work on all coins, he created what would be considered by many to be the greatest coin design of all time, the Double Eagle coin featuring the striding Lady Liberty.

Created with a smooth edge and an ultra high-relief design, the 1907 Double Eagle gold coins were incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately, its beauty was its downfall as the high-relief design did not stack well and the smooth edge made them vulnerable to unscrupulous people who would shave the edges to steal the gold. After a small run in 1907, the high-relief coins were replaced with a more traditional style and were not to be seen again for over one hundred years, when the US Mint released a bullion version of the original Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coins.

Since 1986, American gold bullion has been highly sought and widely collected. Produced in Eagles, Buffalos, Presidential and First Ladies, US bullion is an exquisite and desirable commodity. For all the beauty of American bullion, the high-relief Double Eagle gold coins are still the most stunning.

With gold prices around $1,150, these one ounce coins are coveted and respected as a hedge against inflation and a profitable investment. Arguably the world’s most beautiful coins, Double Eagle gold coins are indisputably an excellent investment. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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