Gold coin investment is still a small part of many portfolios.

October 27, 2011 – We are presently enduring hard economic times at a global level which is why low real yields are the rationale behind the search for supplementary sources of profit. At the same time, elevated ambiguity along with fluctuations in the market has augmented the significance of controlling risk.

Add the destructive ramifications of severe tail-risk calamities and we have more reason to diversify investments.

Despite this certainty, gold coin investment is still a small part of many portfolios even though numerous alternative asset classes have achieved entrance amongst professional investors trusting them to swell their risk-adjusted returns as well as add diversification. Nevertheless, gold generates prosperities that place it within a unique class.

Two highly important benefits:

1. Perfect basis of diversification for an investor’s portfolio.

2. Imparts a foundation which investors confide in to manipulate risk and safeguard capital more efficiently, particularly in times of economic mayhem when a balance is most needed.

Likewise, giving gold coin investment its share in any portfolio affords investors with the certainty to invest in a larger range of strategies which include the alternative ones.

The World Gold Council has demonstrated through a recent study that including gold to portfolios which currently hold traditional assets and commodities is conducive to an increase risk-adjusted profit. To prove that gold is truly profitable in a portfolio, they embarked in a study to examine its outcome within a portfolio which is made up of mainstream and non-traditional assets. The impact exhibited that expanding a portfolio with gold (between 3.3% 7.5%), an investor can achieve a preferred projected profit while provoking less liability than on a corresponding portfolio devoid of gold.

Bottom line: Gold reinforces portfolio fulfillment.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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