Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

December 18, 2009 – Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins have been one of the most popular 24-karat gold coins among collectors and investors since they were first released in 1979. These ultra-pure pieces are favorites for investors who wish to protect their hard-earned wealth with physical gold. The yellow metal has proven its worth as one of the world’s most preservative and durable assets, and Canadian Maple Leaf coins employ only the gold found in the mines of Canada.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins are offered in several different nominations and face values:

• $50(Canadian), one-ounce

• $25, ½ ounce

• $10, ¼ ounce

• $5, 1/10 ounce

• $1, 1/20 ounce

Canadian Maple Leaf coins are internationally renowned for their 24-karat gold content, because the vast majority of gold coins utilize a 22-karat alloy. Understand though, that a one-ounce 24-karat coin and a 22-karat coin of roughly the same weight contain the same amount of gold. The 22-karat coins have slightly more alloy, and the nickel/copper mixture produces a more durable coin that is less resistant to nicks and smudges.

Before investing in Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins, it is advisable to seek a solid understanding of how the precious metal market works. You can make the most out of your initial investment if you realize that Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins hold low premiums above the spot price of gold and they are ideal for holding periods of 1-14 months. If you plan on a short-term hold, then you could benefit by owning these pure gold pieces. If you have other ideas about investing in gold, then you may require another type of gold. Feel free to browse this website or the brochures below for more information on the most popular types of investment-grade gold. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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