The price of gold coins has dipped, but the opportunity to buy will be short lived.

May 04, 2011 – The price of gold coins has dipped, but the opportunity to buy will be short lived. The euphoria surrounding the demise of public enemy #1 is already waning and the dollar is back on its downward slide. We had a brief vacation from reality but now the news is making short work out of what little optimism Bin Laden’s death stirred up.

In real measures the economy is still sharply retracting. New jobs are slipping below the breakeven point with the growing labor pool. “The Institute for Supply Management’s nonmanufacturing index fell to 52.8 last month, much less than the 57 expected,” Mark Johnson said in the Wall Street Journal, adding to the long list of indicators “showing how far the U.S. economy has to recover before the Federal Reserve can resume monetary tightening.”

Yes, there is growing pressure being made on the Fed by the Wall Street Gang to get going on QE3. Faced with a lose-lose situation there is little question where Bernanke will take us.

The death of Bin Laden shouldn’t become a feel-good footnote to these times. It sends a strong message that we need to rethink our entire defense strategy and in doing so we could well be on our way to real recovery.

Currently we have 2.5 million people at work for the military at well over 800 bases world wide. In the days of the cold war that was justified, but in the war against terror that is an antiquated and ineffective strategy. We are not fighting creeping nationalism today but a loosely knit collective of small units with well defined objectives. Our special forces just demonstrated the right way to deal with the challenge.

There are in fact but one or two rogue nations that impose a serious threat to America. The new battlefield is the global market, and our continued support of the military machine has tied one hand behind our back on that front. We simply cannot afford to build nations while our own is crumbling.

I strongly believe that we must never become weak and militarily vulnerable. But there is no strength in having an overpowering presence everywhere – if anything it works against us. The time has come to bring our people home so we can work on our own problems.

The game has changed, and until we come to our senses and put America first we will stay in the cellar. And until we make some tough choices, the need to take shelter in gold coin investments will not go away.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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