If you invest in gold coins at the present time it will prove to be profitable in the very near future.

November 1, 2011 – The flourishing economic depression which we are currently enduring has but one advantage…get rid of the bad debt and begin afresh.

If you invest in gold coins at the present time it will prove to be profitable in the very near future because the precious metal is not full of deceitful Wall Street tricks made from precarious paper which they call currency. Gold is not scam-oriented and will not suffer from counter-party uncertainty. The precious metal is authentic capital.

The Gold Standard is just around the corner but with it will come a struggle for the greenback to survive. They will defend the present monetary system with tooth and nail to debase the chief currencies in all conceivable manners, at the utmost acceptable capacity. Foremost currencies will be demolished while gold will bask in higher value in analogous opposite fashion. The Western frontrunners have no aspiration to restructure, to yield power, and to set up a worthwhile monetary system. Banks should develop into places of valuable service, not casinos and be in the driver’s seat of market control.

Just this past Tuesday, Europe supplied the spark for the $50 increase in the gold price as well as $1.50 boost in the silver price. Their financial world is slipping from their hands and there will be impending losses. There seems to be no solution in the near future. The overthrow of big banks will be uncontrollable. And as the Greek government becomes insolvent by way of a systematic default, the people accountable are still unsure of what to do or where to begin. Germany does not want to held responsible for saving the world and it, at the present time, is looking towards new horizons with Russia and China and Persian Gulf support. They are searching East because the West is no longer reliable.

Italy has now entered the picture fully and is being downgraded consistently. Their prime minister is calling it a trick by the press as the government continues to refrain from strict measures while their debt remains uncontrollable. A steady debt has increased to over EUR 200 billion and ‘must be’ dissolved before 2012 finalizes. The distress signal has sounded with the bond yield overriding the 6.0% level. Add on new deficit and the situation is surmounting to inconceivable standing. The Germans have just divulged the restitution of the Deutsche Mark. It will be assessed for exchange at one Euro to 1.95 DMarks. This is a déjà vu for them because it is the same as the 1999 exchange rate when the doomed Euro was created. This will be the beginning to the road of stability once more. These are sensational yet, precarious times; full of menace but, at the same time, laden with favorable circumstances. There couldn’t be a better time to invest in rare gold coins as well as gold bullion overall.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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