Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins

November 30, 2009 – The Australian Perth Mint first released 24-karat Australian Kangaroo gold coins in 1987, partially in response to the US Mint’s then-newly released American Eagle gold coin. The first gold Kangaroo was a one-ounce coin, although the Perth Mint has since authorized Kangaroo coins ranging from 1/20 ounce to one kilogram (slightly more than 35 ounces).

Australian Kangaroo gold coins feature an image of the largest gold nugget ever found. The 2,284-ounce “Welcome Stranger” nugget was found in Western Australia in 1869, so the Perth Mint decided to commemorate this occasion on the reverse of the gold Kangaroo coin. The Australian Kangaroo gold coin was originally titled the “Australian Nugget,” but a 1990 design change eliminated the giant nugget, which was replaced by, obviously, a kangaroo.

The Perth Mint alters the design of this gold coin annually, so the varying display of the kangaroo on the coin makes these pieces valuable to collectors as well as investors. The obverse of these coins feature a profile image of Queen Elizabeth II, which is the same design utilized on the majority of Australia’s gold coins.

Gold Australian Kangaroo coins are classified as bullion, because they are very commonplace due to the Perth Mint’s unrestricted production ability. Unlike the Lunar coins that Australia is also famous for, there is no limit on how many Kangaroo coins can be produced each year.

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