Once again an Asian crisis is fanning the flames of gold coin investment.

December 20, 2010 – Once again an Asian crisis is fanning the flames of gold coin investment. North Korea may seem to have stepped back from its previous threats, but the game has not changed. That nation is trying to bully its way into trade favors by making the world believe that it is poised and ready to do something really stupid. The problem is, we all know they really are capable of doing just about anything with no consideration of the consequences.

Asia is not about to come off high alert because this has become a familiar game. This time, however, China is being forced to take a stand against their lunatic offspring in order to protect their own economy. At home, real estate investors are heading for cover in face of Korean tensions, locking in whatever profits they can while they can, further deepening developers’ losses. Stocks are starting to slide, including broad losses in the banking sector.

But the real threat to China is the potential destabilization of the region. China’s master plan to achieve global economic prominence depends on nurturing nascent emerging economies close to home to provide the support their own rapidly evolving economy requires. Any disruption in regional commerce could be devastating.

Still, it is highly debatable whether even China can smooth things over any time soon. The potential for cataclysm in many markets is strong enough to precipitate a gold rush and the prospects for chaos in others is certain to prompt investors to take stronger safe haven positions in gold. Barring a Christmas miracle, tensions in the far east will surely drive up the price of gold.

That presents a strong case for investing in gold coins, but the possibility of North Korea taking a truly unthinkable action makes it essential.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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