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October 27, 2010 – China’ s recent announcement of increase in its benchmark interest rate
has created a rare opportunity to buy American Gold Eagle coins. The dollar strengthened in
reaction to the announcement, resulting in a drop in gold prices of nearly 3%. However, the
decline – which is reflected in the price of gold coins – is likely to be very short lived. The strong upward trend in the price of gold – over 22% so far this year – should quickly regain momentum following the generally expected announcement of “ quantitative easing” of the dollar at next week’ s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee.

How quickly the price of gold coins will respond to a weaker dollar is difficult to predict.
October’ s stronger than expected consumer confidence could soften the market slightly. Comex
futures options purchased against a stronger dollar could also slow recovery. And uncertainty
in the global currency market could temporarily counter weakening of the dollar. In any case,
the consensus is that prices could rebound in a matter of days, and most certainly will rebound
before year’ s end.

Gold Eagle coins are the world’ s most widely traded 22 karat gold coin and by law are minted
with only 100% US produced gold. Their exceptional liquidity and instant availability make
them perfect for taking advantage of today’ s gold coin prices. And with no end in sight for our
current economic woes, the prospects are excellent for continued strong growth of investments in
American Gold Eagle coins.

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