American Buffalo Gold Coins

November 13, 2009 – American Buffalo gold coins were authorized in 2005, and they quickly became a hit with collectors and short-term investors alike. These coins are the first .999 (24-karat) bullion coins ever struck by the US Mint, and Buffalo gold coins are available through a large number of gold dealers and private owners throughout the nation. These coins bear a $50 face value and are technically legal tender within the United States. However, one would be foolish to use this coin as currency today because the $50 face value falls far short of the $1100 worth of pure gold that it contains.

American Buffalo gold coins are a relatively new investment option, but investors who purchase this coin usually do so for the same general reason. If you believe that the United States could be hurt by short-term inflation, and you want to hedge your portfolio against such adversity, the Gold Buffalo or Gold eagle coins may be right for you.

If you believe that our nation has dug a hole that could take years or decades to get out of, then American Buffalos, Eagles, or any other bullion coin may not suit you. If you foresee the United States in recession or depression, and you believe that the dollar could collapse, you may want to invest in certified gold coins.

The $20 Saint Gaudens and the $20 Lady Liberty were produced by the US Mint prior to 1933, and investors use these rarities as their long-term protection from rampant economic and geo-political turbulence. Contact us today for your free Insider’s Guide To US Gold Coins and to have all of your questions answered by our friendly specialists. 

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