The American Eagle gold coin might easily become the last relic of our once great economy.

June 06, 2011 – The American Eagle gold coin might easily become the last relic of our once great economy. “U.S. manufacturing growth slowed substantially in May, as the ISM index fell to 53.5, the lowest level since September 2009. New orders, production and export measures all plunged,” says a the Wall Street Journal News Alert. “Hiring in the U.S. slowed significantly in May and the unemployment rate kept rising, adding to concerns the jobs market will still take years to heal as the economy remains weak.”

The Journal’s Peggy Noonan adds “The debt crisis in Europe is not easing but worsening, the U.S. bond markets could bail tomorrow, the culture of Washington will kill any serious attempts at reform … If we don’t make progress on [the debt], we are going to near our endpoint as a nation.”

That sort of cut-to-the-chase discourse is as refreshing as it is ominous. It is what the American people need to hear so they can get their heads out of the sand.

Ms. Noonan believes the people are already aware of the gravity of the situation but she questions “whether they’ll now trust the politicians to take the right action.” After all, “the very politicians who are trying to get us out of the mess are the politicians who got us into the mess … [and] some of the politicians talking about how to stop the spending crisis are the same politicians who, for many years, said there was no crisis.”

The next step for the American people is to accept that we must take our future wellbeing into our own hands, but there we fall a little short. The rhetoric throughout the taxpayer revolt underscores the simplistic view the majority of voters have regarding budget issues. While on one hand they rightfully indict big government as the root of the economic crisis, on the other they are as yet unwilling to pick up the slack of a significantly diminished government. “People like government programs but not government costs,” Ms. Noonan says.

You simply cannot have it both ways. While I do not concur with Ms. Noonan that the average American has fully grasped the situation, the frustration of having to cope with everyday life while the government incessantly bombards us cheerful news is wearing down the denial.

Charity – and self preservation – begins at home. Closing our eyes and hoping for the best is no answer. And counting on Uncle Sam to eventually get things right is folly.

As individuals we have but one clear avenue to take: roll up our sleeves and get to work taking care of ourselves. We can start by protecting our remaining wealth, and there is no better way to do that than buying gold coins.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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