$5 Gold Eagle

December 10, 2009 – The US Mint first produced $5 Gold Eagle coins in 1839, but there are a great many more of the post-1986 $5 Gold Eagles in existence and in the hands of American consumers. You can view a full range of the US Mint’s products at, or register below for a list of the most heavily targeted investment-grade coins for US investors.

Modern-day $5 Gold Eagles are 1/10 ounce coins, and the pre-1933 versions are a half-ounce coinage. While both of these coins are considered “investment-grade,” the historic coins and the modern-day bullion coins are useful for two very different purposes.

American gold Eagle coins that were released after 1986 are classified as bullion, and these coins are mainly utilized in 1-14 month holding periods. Gold bullion coins and bars are meant for profit-making-and-taking ventures, but these coins are not recommended long-term investments because of their government confiscatability. Our government froze the gold bullion market and made it illegal for US citizens to own gold bullion from 1933-1971, and the impending inflationary stage on our dollar could influence our leaders to confiscate gold bullion again.

If you would like to hold your gold longer than 14 months and you want a type of gold that the government has deemed non-confiscatable, the historic Gold Eagle coins are a more appropriate portfolio addition. These coins have higher costs, but they tend to outperform gold bullion after the “break even” point is reached, usually within the first 14 months. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase certified gold if you re holding long-term and you would like a completely private investment. Contact or register below if you want more information on the most commonly traded investment-grade gold coins. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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