October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009 – Safe-haven assets have increased substantially in value this year, and some certified gold coins have been especially profitable. The $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin is one of these hard-working investments, and it should come as no surprise that this coin is projected to surpass its historic high within the next decade. If there are investors who are considering these antique American rarities, it may be wise to consider a few bits of information before making the purchase.

While the $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin does not fluctuate as wildly as the gold spot price, wise investors monitor the spot price occasionally, because significant movement of the gold spot price will affect the value of all commonly traded gold coins. By purchasing in a “valley” like the gold price is in right now, investors can maximize their potential growth. No investment moves in a straight line, so many analysts called for this pullback after gold ran up to $1071 per ounce on the Commodities Exchange (COMEX) three weeks ago. By purchasing the $20 Saint Gaudens and other pre-1933 US coins when the spot price is dormant or decreasing, investors may be able to take a position in the market for substantially less than when the gold price reaches one of its many yearly peaks.

Of course, investors who bought their $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins at a peak are not in trouble, since these numismatic coins are long term investments. The accelerated growth that these coins have historically exhibited will most likely continue until the threat of gold bullion confiscation is not so immediate, so investors who purchased their Saint Gaudens holdings on a peak are still likely to see sizable growth throughout the next few years. 

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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