Up to $2.7M in Gold Coins Missing after Romanian Couple’s Deportation

May 12, 2014 – U.S. authorities suspect a Romanian couple may have hidden as much as $2.7 million in gold coins on their property in Yelm, Washington. Radu and Diana Nemes are wanted in Romania for their alleged role in a $68 million tax evasion scheme, and FBI investigators say the 88 gold coins and 10,500 silver coins found so far are likely a fraction of the total amount of precious metals buried on the property.

The couple, who are accused of selling nearly 1 million tons of diesel fuel to the Romanian government before reporting the sale of a lower-grade fuel, thereby lowering tax liabilities, are the latest example of gold coin buyers using the yellow metal to avoid taxation. Could our government use cases such as these to regulate, privatize, or freeze the gold coin market in the future?

Besides the stash of gold coins and silver coins the couple had built an underground bunker complete with generators, food, water and other supplies. The doors to the bunker could be sealed from the inside and the investigation also turned up at least five semi-automatic weapons. Many law-abiding Americans have many of these same items, but could Washington decide to put a blanket ban on gold, just as lawmakers are presently trying to put a blanket ban on the Second Amendment? Only time will tell.

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