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Intellectual Property Ownership

GoldCoin.net owns the copyright to all content on this website, including (but not limited to) text, images, audio and/or video. This also applies to GoldCoin.net’s sponsorship designations and other contributor designations, trademarks, logos, sound, graphics, maps, layouts, charts, text, video, images of places or people, or any other content, which is all owned or licensed by GoldCoin.net. Any reproduction, modification, or reposting of this content by you, the user, without the written permission of GoldCoin.net, is a violation of GoldCoin.net’s legal intellectual property rights. You are permitted to download one copy of the website material for your own personal use; however, this material must not be used for commercial purposes, modified, or reposted, and the copyright and trademark or other proprietary notices must not be deleted. If you misuse or download and reproduce any of the website content without the permission of GoldCoin.Net, we will enforce our copyright to the full extent of the law, and you will be subject to the penalties or damages associated with infringement of copyright or other intellectual property law. Additionally, you hereby waive all jurisdictional defense you might have. All intellectual property legal action will be filed under the laws of the United States Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Secure Server Pages / Online Application Pages

On the GoldCoin.Net website, there are some pages that require you to input information in order to submit an application. We know that you are concerned with the safety and privacy of your information, and we are as well. These online application pages are certified as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) pages for your privacy and protection. SSL is a protocol designed for transmitting private documents via the Internet. These pages use a cryptographic system to encrypt data, ensuring that your information is safe. We promise to take all reasonable and customary steps to guarantee that the information that you provide to us is safe and secure. Your application may require other supporting documents that require a signature. A signed document will always prevail over other documents, and all documents and disclaimers shall be incorporated into the signed document. The signed document will be the overriding agreement if a situation occurs where there is a discrepancy or contradiction between an online document and a signed document. Online applications submitted via the website for buy or sell order requests will not be considered complete until verbal confirmation of approval and acceptance has been provided by GoldCoin.net.

Unlawful Content and Behavior

By submitting this form and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that you will not participate in any unlawful behavior or post illegal materials throughout your involvement with GoldCoin.net. Unlawful content refers to any obscene, profane, defamatory, libelous or threatening content, or any content that encourages illegal behavior or violates a law or regulation. Our website may be monitored or reviewed; however, GoldCoin.net assumes no responsibility for any claims of defamation, libel, slander, obscenity, profanity or misrepresentation that may arise from you, as the user, posting such material.

Privacy of Email Addresses / Demographic Information / Phone Contact

GoldCoin.net respects the privacy of the personal contact information that you submit to us via our website, and we guarantee that we do not share your details with any third party unless legally required to do so by law enforcement agencies. You can rest assured that if you submit information to GoldCoin.net, it will be used for our commercial purposes only. Our website may use third-party cookies; however, these cookies are in place for analytic purposes only. We also promise that we will not make unsolicited telephone calls to you. However, please be aware that by providing your phone number in the application form and submitting the page, this acts as written permission for us to contact you by telephone. We will do so for the purpose of processing your request, as well as keeping you posted for a period of three months about new and recommended products. Clients will be contacted for up to eighteen months. If you have previously registered your name with the United States “Do Not Call” Registry, this does not mean that we will not contact you via telephone; by submitting your phone number you are providing us with written permission to telephone you. If you would prefer not to be contacted by telephone, you agree to first contact us and let us know that you would like to stop your telephone updates, and we will delete your telephone number from our database and cease contacting you via telephone. If you have provided us with an email address in your information form, we will send you periodic updates regarding upcoming events and special offers that we feel you might find relevant, interesting, or useful. If you choose not to receive these emails, it is very easy to stop this service. There is an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email that we send you; simply click on it and follow the instructions to turn your email updates off. You are not legally obliged to do business with us if you do not choose to do so.

Use of this Site at Own Risk

GoldCoin.net and all other parties involved in the production or delivery of this website take no responsibility for any damages, losses, costs or expenses that you might incur as a result of using this website or downloading any material such as text, data, images, video, or audio. GoldCoin.net also accepts no liability for any damages, losses, costs or expenses caused by viruses, bugs, human action or inaction, or malfunction of any computer system, telephone line, hardware, software, delays in computer transmission or network connection, or any other program malfunction. You use this site entirely at your own risk.

No Warranty of Accuracy of Information

Although, GoldCoin.net strives to ensure that the website provides accurate information, and that all times, dates and locations listed for entertainers, speakers and performers are up-to-date and correct, we make no guarantee that the website is always entirely accurate. All content and information should be taken “As Is”, without any warranty as to its accuracy. Ticker and precious metals prices are a service of Kitco.com and are updated automatically after the close of the market.

Links to Other Websites

GoldCoin.net does not necessarily endorse or approve any third-party website to which we provide links. We have not reviewed all content of every website that we link to, and cannot be responsible for the content of such websites. Please remember that if you access another website via a link provided on GoldCoin.net, you do so at your own risk.

Application of Laws

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