Smart Gold Investment

If you have ever wanted to buy gold, now is the time to do so. Despite claims by a few big banks and financial firms that gold has had its day, investors all over the globe are buying massive amounts of the yellow metal. This is smart gold investment – buying while the spot price is low – for they know that gold’s historic bull run is far from over and that there most likely won’t be another buying opportunity quite like this one in the future.

What Are They Buying?

There are a number of ways to invest in gold, but they fall into two general categories: physical gold and ‘paper gold’ (jewelry is not traditionally considered an investment, although it very well could be).

  • Physical gold is gold that you can see and touch. Buying physical gold means that the investor actually receives the shiny element in some form, usually coins or bars.
  • Paper gold is a blanket term for any other type of gold investment in which the investor does not ever see the physical element itself, but rather a certificate or receipt entitling the him or her to a certain share of “owned” gold. Paper gold comes in the form of mining stocks or gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In the case of ETFs, the investor can theoretically exchange the certificate for the amount of physical gold owned, but in practice, this is very rare, as the process is lengthy and costly.

So which route should you take? If you want to invest in gold to protect wealth in the future, then you will want to go the physical gold route. That’s what investors the world over are currently doing. ETFs have recently seen enormous outflows, and the gold price has fallen, which is why so many are taking advantage of the low gold price.

As the bullish fundamentals that lifted gold to unprecedented heights are still in place – looming inflation, money printing, economic uncertainty – it’s inevitable that gold will rise again; and probable that we won’t see a buying opportunity like this one again.

Why Physical Gold?

Many investors prefer physical gold because they like to see and feel what they have invested in. But it’s not just because gold is shiny and pretty. There are actually a number of different advantages that physical gold has over paper.

  • Gold coins and bars are much more liquid than paper gold, especially coins, as it is always easy to find a buyer for smaller amounts.
  • You know the gold is yours. Unlike paper gold, where you have take the ETF at its word that your gold is there and only yours, you only have to open your safe to know how much gold you own. There have been instances of commodities firms misleading investors by selling them gold that never existed.
  • Physical gold is more accessible. If, in an emergency, you need to access your gold, you have it right on you, not locked up in a big bank vault underground somewhere.
  • A smart gold investment is one that is a hedge against the uncertainties of the market, but paper gold is still subject to many capricious market factors.

Start Making Smart Gold Investments Today

Buying gold is a smart investment, and buying physical gold is the smartest gold investment you can make. It will protect your wealth and be profitable in the long run. It is our mission here at Gold Coin to provide you with all of the necessary gold market knowledge to make smart investments on your own. We do not manage accounts, we advise and make savvy gold investors out of our clients.

To start making smart gold investments today, give us a call at 1-800-425-5672 or send us an email and a gold investment adviser will get back to you as soon as possible.

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