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Rare Gold Coins: The Ultimate Gold InvestmentRare Gold Coins

Rare gold coins take gold’s protection against inflation, political instability, market uncertainty, and economic crisis is legendary to a whole new level. Gold has outperformed the Dow for decades, but rare gold coins add protection even against falling spot gold prices.

The Unique Quality Of Rarity

All of the rare gold coins there will ever be are those that exist today so their value can only rise with increasing demand. Even without investor interest, the number of collectors will grow with the population. But the added potential for returns that rarity creates is attracting more investors every day.

Rare Gold Coin Transactions Are Private

Almost every other investment takes place under the watchful eyes of the government, including modestly substantial purchases of gold bullion. The only interest the government takes in rare gold coins, however, is your personal reporting of capital gains when you sell your coins for a profit.

Rare Gold Coins Are Protected From Confiscation

Private gold bullion reserves are a tempting source of ready capital as the government tries to deal with suffocating debt and the foundering dollar. In the last confiscation of private gold the government paid the official standard of $20 per ounce then turned around and sold it for the market price of $35. That slight of hand netted Roosevelt the equivalent of $46 billion in today’s dollars.

Considering that the official rate for gold hasn’t changed in decades, this time it could instantly generate trillions of dollars. The laws that allowed the last confiscation are still on the books so nothing stands in the way of the government doing it again.

Rare gold coins, however, have always been exempt from government seizure. In 1984 a regulation was proposed defining numismatic coins as those selling for 15% or more above the price of their gold content. Although it failed to become law, the proposal was a reminder that rare coin exemption – and thus confiscation – is never far from our government’s mind

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No investment is foolproof but rare gold coins are as close as you can get, and Gold Coin guarantees you the lowest prices to be found. Call us today at 1-800-425-5672 and see how easy it is to make rare gold coins your ultimate gold investment.  Learn more about Gold. Next: Gold Coin Prices

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