OECD’s Claims of Recovery: So Pathetic It’s Funny

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) is the latest in a long line of entities trying to force us to believe that an actual economic recovery is underway in the United States. MSNBC has published countless stories that focus on how our economy has improved since 2008, and just last week the Wall Street Journal ran an article that applauded the fact that 3,000 less applications for first-time unemployment benefits were submitted, while burying the facts that all but negated any benefits the decrease may have had in a pair of short sentences in the middle of the article. Now, the OECD’s Secretary-General, Angel Gurria, is getting in on the action.

“The recovery is real,” Gurria said, “but at a slow speed, and there may be turbulence on the horizon.” That’s an interesting take, considering that our “growth” is worse now than it was a few years ago, according to Forbes. The current administration has touted job creation as one of its successes, yet it fails to be transparent about the fact that many new jobs are minimum-wage and/or part-time/seasonal positions. Additionally, the way in which unemployment figures are calculated means that the 7.3% rate that the government claims is the unemployment rate is actually in double digits if those who have given up looking for work are taken into account.

The truth is that if the United States economy is struggling less than expected, that’s a good thing but we must ask ourselves: Isn’t struggling less than expected still struggling? Who comes up with the expectations? How often are such expectations “seasonally revised/adjusted (see: tampered with)?

No, our economy is not recovering. The White House and Fed are merely delaying the inevitable. Pass the buck to the next group of “leaders” while touting your own policies as successful. That’s what the Founding Fathers intended, right?

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